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How to Start an Online eCommerce Store in India – 2021

Now that everyone wants to go online with their sales and purchases both, its the right time to jump into this online eCommerce platform and start building your online business from 0.

There is always a customer base for every product. No matter how big or small, you will always find a customer. In the early years, it used to cost a lot of money to get an eCommerce store online and then with daily weekly monthly maintenance, it was not easy for the beginners to afford the process or even start their own online store. But now its a piece of cake to start and run a profitable eCommerce business with almost 0 money involved.
And the process gets real with Shopify. I personally use Shopify for my superbikestore.in and mystock.in stores too and there is no way to look back to the traditional eCommerce platforms.
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Here are few steps which you need to follow in the order :

Build A Business Plan And Model

A business plan and model is necessary for everything. And you should only sell the products, which you can be proud of and really want to sell. Meaning, sell what interests you. Don’t try to sell things, just by looking at the market trends, it won’t stay for long.So, sell what interests you and what you know you can sell for a very long time and with a good margin.

Choose Your Products To Sell Online

Choose the product after doing proper market research and if you are sure about its market and sure about your skills of selling them easily, you should go ahead.

Build An eCommerce Website In 5 Minutes

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Upload Your Products And Start Selling

Once your online store has been set up, you can upload your product details and start selling online.

Organic Traffic & SEO

The very first step should be doing a proper SEO strategy for your store and make sure you are adding a lot of unique content to your blog with latest updates, as search engines likes to reward websites which are active with new content always and related to the niche only.

Paid Advertising

For better results, you would require a proper online marketing strategy to stay a step ahead of the competition. I recommend investing on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, google ads slowly and once you see a return on investment, then try investing more on the ads.

WHY SHOPIFY eCommerce Platform ?

Running a successful eCommerce Store is an art, but once you know how it works, its gold. I recommend having your eCommerce store instantly with Shopify, so you can concentrate just on SALES and leave the code design backend features everything to Shopify to handle it for you in the cloud. The reason why I recommend Shopify is, you literally don’t have to waste time and money on a web hosting, web developer, instant upfront costs. And the websites built on Shopify loads very fast as they are loaded via CDN and highly scalable cloud servers, so you never face any problem with your website uptime. And the best thing is, its loaded with all the features which you are ever going to need to run a successful store. If you cannot succeed with shopify, then Im not sure, if you are eligible to even an online store đŸ™‚
Good luck and get your store setup done right now by clicking here.


If you have any questions, ask me in the comments and if you need mentorship with your online store ideas and need it validated, join on patreon and I will respond to your questions there. We also provide premium shopify themes for free to our patreon members.

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