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Best Electric Bicycles in India 2021

Here is the list of best Electric Cycles in India available for immediate order from Amazon India.

The Majority of the Electric Cycles Offered in India are within ₹40,000.
However, there are so many brands and so many E-Bikes it could easily confuse a purchaser which cycle to go for. In this post, we have handpicked the best options for you within ₹30,000 and within ₹40,000.
There are also many electric cycles available for discounts upto 20% on Amazon India right now. Electric Cycles are the future, as it saves time and no sweating too. So, go electric, go fast!

So what is an electric bike?

Electric bicycle can also be referred to as an e-bike. It is essentially a normal bike that’s powered by a motor that takes out some attempt of pedalling. But, remember that these bikes are just help you put in less effort pedalling. And when it says electric, it doesn’t mean, it will help you go very fast or something. But it will help you pedal for long distance and at ease.

Why would you buy an electric bike?

There might be endless reasons to buy an electric bicycle. Feeling lazy on your everyday commute and don’t wish to exert – however a bike is still your initial decision to commute.
Might be experiencing a leg injury or illness and riding an electric bike with a motor could just help reduce the stress on your legs.
If you wish to travel with lots of cargo, then the extra motor will create spinning the pedals much simpler.
Either way, there is lots of reason you would want to ride an electric bicycle in India.

So where is this motor placed?

This motor is usually placed in the front or rear wheel. Once engaged, it pushes or pulls the wheel . These kinds of electro bikes are extremely common in India and have one major drawback, it loses efficiency on hills and varied terrai
The finest electric bicycles are those which arrive with a mid-drive motor, which is integrated with all the fold along with the gears.

Type of battery in an electric cycle

There are two types of batteries which are used in electric cycles and they are Sealed Lead Acid Batteries and Lithium Ion Batteries.
Advantage of e-bikes with Sealed Lead Acid Batteries is its affordable but the disadvantage is, the e-bike becomes heavy with SLA batteries.
At the other hand, electric cycles with Lithium Ion Batteries the expensive category of electric bicycles but very light weight and maintenance free.

How do I operate an electric bike?

There are three modes in an electric cycle – PEDAL ONLY, PEDAL ASSIST, ELECTRIC ONLY.

Pedal Just: Exactly like a normal bicycle, you are able to pedal an electric bicycle. Besides, there’s no excess resistance made by the engine, so it will feel similar to a regular bicycle.

Pedal Assist: The pedal assist mode allows you take advantage of electric power + human effort. Only turn on the way on the table and the motor will offer a gentle push as you pedal forward. In any case, you switch gears as well as the terrain changes to make the most of more torque or faster speed. It’s an amazing sense to utilise pedal-assist style, as it makes cycling effortless, flattens out the hills, and lets you just enjoy yourself along with the scenery.

Electric Only: With this mode, let the electric motor do the job. All you need to do is simply twist the throttle and feel that the motor take control as you propel ahead. Hold the throttle if you want to continue along or let go should you wish to pedal.

Can electric cycles be used in the rain?

Electric cycles just like any other bicycle can be ridden in wet conditions too. The drive train along with also the battery pack can surely take the rain drops. However, it is ideal to prevent cycling in excessive or heavy rains as the batteries and other electronics are water resistant and not water proof.

Can electric cycles go uphill

Yes, they can definitely go uphill. E-bikes can climb a gradient of around 1-10 percent or even more. Finally it boils down to a fitness and the perfect equipment combination. Pair it with pedal assist as well as the engine and climbing should be far easier.

Can Electric bike batteries be repaired?

Yes, electrical motorcycle batteries can be repaired. However, if they’re beyond repair, its better to replace them.



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I hope, you have the full recommended list ready to decide on your first electric cycle purchase. If you are still confused about it, may be check those available e-bikes options for more discount. Happy shopping!

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