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How to Enable Lossless Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio in Apple Music in India

SpatialAudio with DolbyAtmos lets you hear sound all around you, and plays automatically for Apple Music subscribers when you listen with supported headphones and speakers. Apple has confirmed that Apple Music Lossless is coming soon to India. The company has not announced the exact launch date of the rollout yet.

what is Lossless Music?

Lossless Music is a type of compression tool for music data that permits high-quality playback at the cost of some additional file space compared to traditional file formats like MP3. These file sizes are half what uncompressed file sizes are, so they are sometimes used on streaming services such as Apple Music to present high excellent sound.

How does it work ?

This entire process is automatic.
When the service is enabled by Apple your AirPods will automatically default to Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos. There is nothing that needs to be done. Open Apple Music. Pick a supported song. Done.
Spatial Audio in the AirPods settings is different to Spatial Audio in Apple Music. For AirPods that don’t support Spatial Audio for films and shows you have no option to enable it the way you’ve shown. So this is pointless.
Spatial Audio in Apple Music will work on any device with iOS 14.6, and any AirPods or Apple audio products. As well as ANY third party headphones. Third party support will need to be manually enabled in Apple Music settings.

How do I find Dolby Atmos Supported Songs ?

You should be able to see the icons of Dolby Atmos on the play card of the song. Its supported for small number of music so far.
Apple has said that 20 million songs in their library will be accessible in CD Quality or at launching, while the entire catalog will be compatible by the end of the year.

What’s so special about spatial audio ?

In real life, the sounds around you do not come from one source, they are spread out and your ear picks things up all around you. Spatial audio is an attempt to mimic this behaviour in a solid environment either via dedicated hardware such as surround sound systems or inside a virtual environment using algorithms to disperse sound in 360 degree cone around your ears.

Which devices are supported ?

Spatial Audio nevertheless is better reflected on Apple apparatus. They work with almost any iPhone or an iPad linked to cans and is also accessible on all AirPods or Beats headphones with a H1 or W1 chip within them.
The thing to notice here is that this just applies to Apple Music and its library of content rather than third party programs. Spatial audio service for Apple TV requires the use of detectors in Apple Headphones to allow support.
The HomePod lineup of speakers will encourage both Spatial Audio and Lossless with a upgrade down the line. If you have an Apple TV 4K, you will a demand a Dolby Atmos compatible sound bar or audio system.

How to enable Lossless Music ?

To enable Lossless, once the update has rolled out, head to the settings menu in your Apple Music app, tap on music and then preferences. Now tap on Playback and under Audio quality select Lossless.

How can you test the Lossless Music ?

Update to the latest 14.6 iOS and wait for the update to roll out for your country.
To try out Spatial Audio, connect your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max and open settings on your iOS device. Tap on Bluetooth and then the ‘i’ icon next to your AirPods. From here you can toggle Spatial Audio on or off. Remember, you are going to need media that supports this feature. You are also going to need iPhone 7 or later. As for iPads, the support starts with iPad Pro 3rd generation or later, iPad Air 3rd generation or later, iPad 6th generation or later and the iPad mini 5th generation or later.

Spatial audio with head tracking is only available on AirPod Pro’s en AirPods Max – which have gyro’s and allegedly accelerometers to communicate head position. You need at least 5.1 or atmos to get Apple’s spatial audio.

Is it overrated ?

May be yes. Honestly speaking I don’t care if I’m listening to a compresses audio or lossless. Also you are not getting lossless audio over Bluetooth. There isn’t just enough bandwidth.

Apple Lossless Music Not Working ?

If you have already enabled all the options and have the compatible headphones already, but still not able to see the lossless media on Apple music, in that case – Apple Music has not yet rolled the lossless updates for your country yet.

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