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Best Ultrawide 4K Monitors for Mac Mini M1

Every creative nerd has got their hands on the Mac Mini M1 due to its power vs price ratio. Its a must have device if you are into kind of creative content building process. Mac Mini M1 is available on discount right now on Amazon USA.

And in order to use the Mac Mini M1, you definitely need a high resolution monitor. Here we recommend the top 10 ultra wide 4K monitors for you to choose from for your workflow.

What are ultra wide monitors

Ultrawide monitors are monitors that utilize a 21:9 aspect ratio rather than the traditional monitor screen ratio of 16:9. If you’re not familiar with a 21:9 aspect ratio, it is similar to the ratio of traditional movie theater screens.
So, basically a lot of screen real estate for getting everything done at work.

Why do you need ultra wide monitors

More screen real estate helps you to see more than what you need and saves time on resuming, closing windows or minimising windows every now and then. Also, ultra wide monitors are highly recommended for video editors, as they can see their whole timeline and edits on a single screen.

What to look for while buying Ultrawide Monitors

If you are looking for the best performance and a similar retina experience of Mac Displays, then you should only go for 5120x2160p Ultrawide monitors.
Also look at screen dpi. It should be more than 130-140+ for a good viewing experience.
If in budget, then you may go for 2840x1600p. Also make sure, you are getting the monitors which has USB-C port. Donot buy monitors with only HDMI ports.

Can Mac Mini handle an ultra wider monitor at full resolution

Of course it can. But you have to use the official USB-C cable provided with the monitor. In case it doesnt push the full resolution, then better to try a short display cable.

Top Ultrawide Monitors for Mac Mini M1

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LG 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor and Bluetooth Speakers (38 inch)
  • Ultra wide...
  • Response...
  • Usb type c...
  • Amd sync...
  • Bluetooth...

No products found.


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Non 4K Budget Ultrawide Monitors Options

If the above options are getting too expensive for you, then you should go for the non-4K ultrawide monitors.
There are many options available at good discounts on Amazon USA and Amazon India.

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